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A touch of skin,
Soft and slippery,
In rhythm,
Two hearts beat,
Waves holding them together,
And ocean feels the heat…..


She swells and rises,
With elegant grace,
Gathering speed,
Starts her race,
She seeks her goal,
Her hunger growing,
Fast furious,
Energy flowing………


In the tyranny of sunlight,
I catch my breath,
On a whiff of fragrant breeze,
And I know you have come,
Worth more loving,
Than any other blossom………


The dawn sings,
Its celestial melody,
To the earth below,
And the morning is still,
Sweet mist rises from the earth,
To kiss the rising sun…….


Sifted through the winds that blow,
Down comes the soft and silent snow,
White petals from the flowers grow,
Hides the hills and make them glow……


From the mists of the shadows,
In all its glamorous splendor,
He slowly starts rising.
With colors of life and rays of light,
Shining smoothly, with adroitness,
To engulf & evaporate,
The surrounding darkness…..


Far away from the well trodden roads,
Into the enchanting spicy woods,
Deeply taking in fragrant winds,
I create my own path,
It may not be straight,
It may not be great,
It may not tide,
It may not be wide,
But it would have its own streams,
It would dream its own dreams…….