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I travel the road set before me,

Though the destination unknown,

With trust and grim resolution,

I must journey alone,

Mountains swell around,

Summits lost in storm,

The road ahead falters,

My heart is torn,

The road behind is just a memory,

A shadow is all that remains,

But the darkness glimmers with wisdom,

And ahead lies the kingdom,

When dawn caresses the morning,

The road is again straight and true,

The soul travels the journey,

From birth to the heavens above,

Though the road is often rocky,

It becomes easier when there is love….


Someday soon,
I will look in those lovely eyes,
Someday soon,
I will listen to the music of her voice,
Someday soon,
I will feel the softness of her skin,
Someday soon,
She really will be there,
And it won’t just be a dream……..


The evening darkens over,
After a day so bright,
The windswept waves discover,
That wild will be the night,
And as the sun goes under,
There is not a ship in sight,
The waters are unknown,
But I have to sail alone……


Through the slits of the shadows,
Engulfing me, I sit & stare,
In apprehension & fear,
But there is no one around,
No one to care……….
Ahead lies the darkness,
Left & right are ominous,
Movement is something,
I dare not dare,
There is no one around,
No one to care…….


The roaring ocean is dark,
With the descending night,
The giant cloudy waves,
Showing their might,
The shoreline meets the horizon,
Almost hidden from the view,
The night gets darker,
In a misty gray tinted hue……


Touching the heart,
Stroking the mind,
Feeling the soul,
Caressing & savoring,
Racing pulses,
Melting breathlessly,
A pure simple ecstasy…


The giant orange orb slowly fades,
Into the distant horizon,
Leaving behind a trail,
Of glorious, vivid, vibrant colors,
The colors to liven the night,
The colors to enhance the might,
The colors to dream the goal
The colors to rest the tired soul…..