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A silvery hue,
With a nip in the air,
Moon lit skies,
With hushed waters,
A tired day,
Slips in the arms,
Of a tranquil night……..


Yesterday the Sun was,
Gloriously burning away,
And suddenly,
It started pouring,
And the westward sky,
Was filled with riot of colors…..


Passion is energy,
Feel the power that comes,
From focusing on what excites you,
The higher the energy level,
More efficient is the body,
And better you feel,
And you will use your talent,
To produce outstanding results,
But alas! Most people spend,
More time and energy,
Going around the problems,
Than solving them………….


For last week or so I couldn’t paint,
Was it a mental blockade?
Whether we are trying to solve a problem,
Venture in to new business,
Write a poem or paint,
Creative thinking is crucial,
Some call it thinking out of the box,
But we create our own imaginary boxes,
Simply by accepting certain things as real,
But actually they are illusory,
And they inhibit our natural creative abilities,
Barriers to a good idea are in our heads,
Cross those blockades,
And new ideas would bloom out…….


A star fallen from the blue,
Upon the green carpet,
A soft word,
Uttered & repeated,
By the voice of nature…..


The crusader has once again,
Raised the flame,
A fight against corruption,
The whole of India is joining in,
Let’s vanquish the black,
Menace of corruption………


Soaking up the sun,
Graceful in the wind,
Standing tall in a storm,
They continue to give shelter,
They keep the air fragrant,
Selflessly, year after year,
They provide the fruits,
Let’s nurture them,
Let’s save them,
We need them…………….